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Group Coaching Package


If you are looking for regular group coaching sessions and accountability that promotes community and normalizes your struggles in life (especially ADHD traits) while also driving momentum and positive change in your life, this package may be for you!

Group coaching offers guidance and opportunities for personal reflection in a group setting. 90-minute group coaching sessions will be offered monthly in order for participants to share struggles and successes in their lives. Group coaching allows for connection with other women with ADHD so that you can feel understood and empowered. Life with ADHD is not easy and life was never meant to be lived alone.

Join Coach Theresa in a community of connection with other female ADHDers so that life can become easier, more enjoyable, more fulfilling and more peaceful. 🤗

Main Topics

While there will be opportunities to delve into other aspects of your life that you may be struggling with, there are three main topics we will explore. This is because these aspects of life often affect other areas of life significantly. So, if we target these three areas, other areas of our life should improve as well! 

Please note that the group coaching program is not as structured as the 1:1 coaching program and may not go in depth into each of the following areas within one 90-day period depending on the needs/requests of the group. The group coaching program is meant to be tailored to the current concerns and interests of the group coaching participants so that this experience can be as valuable as a group coaching program can be. With that being said, however, these three main topics are very common and important topics to discuss and most likely will come up.

Regulate Your Emotions

Manage Negative Thoughts

Get Into Action!

Emotion Regulation

  • Learn strategies to regulate your emotions so you can feel a greater sense of control and calm in your life. 

  • Develop a coping plan in order to practice thinking ahead so you can be prepared and know exactly what can help you feel better when you experience uncomfortable emotions.

  • Become more comfortable with the uncomfortable sensations associated with many emotions to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Thought Management

  • Learn how to reflect on past situations and anticipate potential future conflicts so that you can intentionally curate a thought process that is helpful and aligned with your best self.

  • Learn to transform frustrating situations into times of calm gaining control of your mind so you can focus on helpful thoughts that make you feel better and more in control.

  • Work toward shifting unhelpful beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you!

Getting Into Action

  • Learn numerous techniques that support productivity by initiating momentum and drive so that you can achieve your goals and feel fulfilled at the end of your day. 

  • Cultivate a productivity plan that is designed to minimize the effort required to get into action by capitalizing on baby steps that create momentum so you can essentially trick yourself into doing hard things with relative ease.

  • Learn to get yourself unstuck!

So... what exactly is the Group Coaching Package?

The Group Coaching Package includes 90 days of online coaching services to support group participants with current struggles they may be facing. Coaching may include teaching various strategies to help you regulate your emotions, manage negative thinking, and get into action.


Group accountability will be available in a group chat that Coach Theresa will monitor on a weekly basis (unless otherwise stated).


Virtual accountability sessions ("body doubling") will also be available to support you in taking action toward your individual goals!

Group Virtual Calls

  • Monthly

  • 90 minutes 

  • Group coaching sessions with Coach Theresa

  • From the comfort of your own home (...or maybe closet or car if you have kids 😅)

  • Sessions will take place via Google Meet or another video conference platform

Group Accountability

  • You can send messages to the group anytime you have questions, concerns, or successes to celebrate!

  • Accountability and support will be available during a certain time frame each week so you can expect when you may receive a reply from Coach Theresa. This dedicated time will be referred to as "Connection Time."

  • Communication can be in the form of text or voice memo using the "Voxer" app or an alternate messaging platform chosen by Coach Theresa.

  • Communication may be in real time on the Voxer app, so that communication can be effective and engaging. This will help capitalize on the weekly Connection Time set by Coach Theresa for her to engage with any questions you may share in the group.

Virtual Body Doubling

  • "Body doubling" or "coworking" is a method used by many ADHDers in order to stay accountable to their tasks. It involves having another person aware of what you intend to do during a certain period of time so that you are more likely to follow-through and use your time intentionally.

  • Together We Thrive Coaching offers body doubling sessions called "Thrive Time" sessions via Google Meet or another video conference platform.

  • Typical length: 90 minutes

  • Typical structure: State your intention for the session in the first 15 minutes. Do your chosen tasks/activities for 60 minutes (if you would like, there may be a check-in halfway through). Spend the last 15 minutes sharing with the group how the time went for you (reflecting on how to navigate struggles and celebrating successes).

  • A schedule will be shared with you on a weekly basis.

Investment to Join a Judgement-Free ADHD Community Focused on Personal Growth and Self-Acceptance: $297 USD

How much better could you feel if you could embrace your flaws and learn to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU that you can be?


Joining a supportive, vulnerable, and empowering community of ADHD women is exciting and inspiring! Let's build each other up so we can learn from one another and become our truest, most authentic selves together. ✨

We are not meant to live life alone! And life as an ADHDer is hard enough as it is... This group coaching package allows you to become comfortable sharing your struggles with other likeminded individuals so that you can feel validated and normalized.

You may have your quirks (we all do!), but that does not mean you are unworthy of kindness, support, love, grace, or success. YOU ARE ENOUGH. If you don't believe that yet, give us a chance to prove it!


By choosing this program, you are saying YES PLEASE to having support and accountability so you no longer have to figure life out on your own or wonder if you should be doing something differently. Being part of a community like this allows for consultation on what to accept in life vs. what to change.


You will also receive regular support and encouragement so you can build momentum and not stay stuck. And so you can focus on the positives and not get hung up on the negatives... no black and white thinking over here!


Coach Theresa is here to help cultivate this ADHD community as well as your own personal growth... Are you in? 🤗

Not sure if this coaching package is for you?

Book a Consultation Call with Coach Theresa to ask any questions you may have in order to determine whether this Group Coaching Package or another offering might be a good fit for you!


Even if you are already certain that you want to work with Coach Theresa and purchase a coaching program, this is the first step to get started! 

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